Do 16.05.2024

The Bodensee Players: “SANDY TOES & SALTY KISSES”

20:00 Uhr | Kulturraum Casino | Bitte reservieren Sie vorab eine Karte bei den Bodenseeplayers direkt
VVK 15 / erm. 10 Euro | AK: 15 / erm. 10 Euro
Einlass: 19:15 Uhr

English Language Theatre

The Bodensee Players: “SANDY TOES & SALTY KISSES”

The Bodensee Players are back with a not-quite-so romantic comedy to entertain our esteemed guests: SANDY TOES & SALTY KISSES by Michael Parker and Susan Parker

The Lovers’ Landing Beach Hotel, a popular wedding destination located on the Gulf of Mexico, has acquired a certain mystique as the home of Sandy Toes & Salty Kisses. Recently inheriting the hotel from her late father, Audrina Brown quickly discovers that her Uncle Bubba, the hotel manager, is running a variety of “extra-curricular activities” (all illegal) on the property. When prospective wedding guests arrive to discuss the details of their dream wedding, Audrina has to face the fact that her trusted Wedding Planner, Madame Coco has eloped. And it all goes downhill from there! It’s a mystery. It’s a love story. It's a laugh-out-loud comedy!

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